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We offer you transcription services for recordings for the video scripts. We prepare transcripts for subtitles and voice overs in various languages.

We transcribe your video clip and can translate it into as many languages as possible. Our experts in many dialects work quickly to provide a good turn around and maintain the quality. We are well adept with the Subtitling industry and ensure a well formatted and punctuated script just ready. We provide you time-stamped transcript for ease of the recording.

We keep your preferences at top and meet the high standards set by you. Every audio is listened carefully and trancribed exactly. We ensure confidentiality for all your data.

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Certified Transcription and Subtitling Services

If you are finding any difficulties in transcribing the recordings for the video clips, then we have got your back. Our experienced transcriptionists have already worked for dialects and perfectly know how to deliver crisp and clear data. They thoroughly go through the entire video and accordingly transcribe the content in various languages.

Professional Subtitling Services

Our transcriptionists are well associated with the subtitling industry. Thus they carry prior experience and knowledge. All you need to do is, just submit us the video clips & language instructions and they will do the rest. It doesn’t matter how many languages you need the transcription; we have got transcriptionists from various lingual backgrounds.

Why Choose UK Lingual?

Well qualified Interpreters understand the weightage of the situation and ensure a perfect and smooth translation and interpretation for both the parties

We offer native speaker services so that the lingual influence makes the conversation fluent and understandable with professional translation services.

We do not fit your human translation needs in any of our services. We custom our services to meet your needs.

We offer in-person and telephonic translation service to match you urgent or preplanned needs.


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