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Media & Finance

Media and finance are very public domains. Are you looking for more engagement of your media and finance data? Our transcription service of media and financial data with precision will cover the globe providing information’s across borders.

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Research Transcription

Millions of dollars are spend into research. If the research serves only who are native to research language, it loses its purpose. Our transcription service ensures confidentiality and exact transcription of those research documents to benefit the world.

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Medical Transcription

We provide qualified and trustworthy transcribers with profound understanding of medical and pharmaceutical field for the medical translation services. Medical field serves the world and we serve them with our expertise.

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Legal Transcription

Legal is complex even in the native language. If you are facing language barriers in documentations of legal matter, contact the experts. We detailed transcription service for those police interviews, court hearings and solicitor meetings with legal translators.

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Add the local subtitles to your videos creates more impact. Make a more impactful video with our transcription service that will localize your video to the globe with the target region language. Gain the reach you were looking for with our subtitling services.

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